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WordPress Security Site Lockdown

WP Saracen prevents your WordPress website from getting hacked
We will lockdown your WordPress site using the latest intelligent protection

$499 per site

WordPress Malware Cleanup & Removal

Our technical team safely remove all the malicious code infections in your website file system and database.
Restoring your site completely

$367 per site

WordPress Support & Maintenance

WP Saracen provide full management of your WordPress installation so that you can focus on running your business

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What some of our awesome clients have to say about us...

What an amazing service!

I can't recommend highly enough what amazing WordPress Support I have received from WP Saracen. Without their expertise I would have spent weeks trying to figure everything out for myself, probably with little success! Trust the experts at WP Saracen! 😄🙌

Kelly Long inspiration4teachers.com

WP Saracen is my secret weapon

WP Saracen is my secret weapon. I started using them for odd jobs on my client's websites so I didn’t have to worry about spending my time fixing them. After a few purchases and seeing very quick and efficient results, I now choose to work exclusively with WP Saracen for all the WordPress support of my WordPress sites. I have tried using other services in the past but have always been let down and I can honestly say that these guys are the only service I can rely on 100%. I will continue to use and recommend WP Saracen for all future websites.

Martin Huntbach jammydigital.com

WP Saracen has given me the peace of mind

After experiencing the headache of plugin conflicts and losing my site altogether, WP Saracen's wordpress help has given me the peace of mind to create the site I want without worrying about what will "break it". Quick to respond, follow up and with their breadth of experience to fall back on, I don't know how I managed before.

Georgette Rowland Osborne financialgymforbusiness.com