About WP Saracen

Our Primary Mission is to protect your WordPress site

WordPress Protection by WP Saracen

WP Saracen offers WordPress Protection solutions. WP Saracen was started after our clients had been asking how to secure their WordPress sites so that it could be recovered fast in the event of a hack, crash or other technical issue.
Initially this started as an ad-hoc solution, but as more requests were made we decided to create a service specifically for it.

WordPress Support and Maintenance from WP Saracen

Chris and his passionate team at WP Saracen offer WordPress support and protection for your ​WordPress website.
We provide complete peace of mind with our:
WordPress Protection Solutions,
WordPress support and maintenance solutions and
WordPress one off jobs

​WP Saracen also provides real-time WordPress security protection for your WordPress website from hackers, brute force attempts, dictionary attacks and so much more.
The WordPress Protection and WordPress Security services that WP Saracen provide include:
- WordPress Site Lockdown
- Managed WordPress Security
- WordPress Hacked Site Recovery and
- WordPress Malware Removal

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