Earn 10% Every month by referring
WordPress users to WP Saracen

Do you know small business owners that are using WordPress to power their website?

WP Saracen provides 24 hour support, maintenance and small jobs to WordPress users from $47 per site per month.

As an affiliate you will earn 10% commission every month for as long as the person you refer remains a customer.
It's that simple and, there is no limit to how much you can earn.

Our Simple Affiliate Terms - No BS

  • We pay out referral commissions once the payout figure gets over US$100 - we don’t bother ourselves or you with the accounting hassle of small payments but once the payout gets to US$100 you get paid, simple
  • No commission is earned during the 14 days trial period

Why would you want to promote us?

Pretty simple really but here are a few reasons why:

  • Our customers are awesome and love what we do, so you know, whoever you refer to us, we will take care of them.
    Don't take our word for it, check out our Testimonials Page
  • You're a WordPress user and get asked questions all the time but until now you didn't have a reliable place to send them
  • We offer a 14 days trial, so new customers can check out our service. Unlike other companies that take payment immediately and sign you up for a 3 month minimum term.
  • We offer you a recurring revenue stream for as long as the person you refer to us remains a customer. Simple.

Ways you can promote us

Here are a few ideas:

  • Place banners and links on your site (these are provided after you have successfully signed up)
  • Send a notification to your email list about our services using your own affiliate link
  • Give our services a try and post a review on your site
  • Ask Chris the founder to create a guest post for your site or an interview

We are always keen to promote our services to help as many people as possible, so any way that you can think of promoting our services that fulfills this mission, we will support.

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