WordPress Hacked Site Recovery

Removal and Restoration of Your WordPress Site Removing All Evidence of a Hack
Restoring Your Site and Your Visitors Trust

WordPress Hacked Site Recovery


You may not know that your site has been hacked
as your WordPress site functions normally

There are many ways that a WordPress site can be hacked,
these include but are not limited to:

  • ​Defaced Site
  • ​mySQL Injections
  • ​Website Backdoors
  • ​Cross Site Scripting (XSS)
  • ​Pharma Hack
  • ​Plus many more

Take back control of your WordPress site from the hackers

Regain Site Control

We will regain control of your website, removing all backdoors to prevent future hacks, restoring your site completely

Remove Blacklist Warnings

Search engines put warnings on hacked sites. We submit removal requests on your behalf

Repair SEO Spam

We clean spam keywords and links injected into your website, so that your site appears properly in search engines

WordPress Hacked Site Recovery - $499

We recommend implementing our
WordPress Site Lockdown Service
to prevent any future hacking attempts

Recommended Actions Post Removal

Update Your Site Regularly

Always update the themes and plugins on your site as soon as they become available

Change Passwords

Change your passwords across the whole site regularly including user, database, cPanel to best secure your site

Perform Regular Backups

Perform regular backups of your whole site including the database

Install Malware Protection

Install and run regular scans on your site to check for any new infections

Install and run regular scans on your site to check for any new infections

Install a CDN

Installing a CDN will improve site loads times and availability

Install a Firewall

Installing and activating a WAF will help to keep the hackers out

We can provide all these services and so much more for you

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